Morning Vinyasa Flow ONLINE

DateSaturday 8th May, 08:15 am

Additional information
Duration1 hour
LevelAll Levels
EquipmentPlease bring your own mat if attending the class in the park
About this class

Join me for a 60 minute dynamic and fun flow class, from the comfort of your home, while we stay indoors. With a variation of asanas to strengthen body and mind. Vinyasa means 'connection of movement and breath'. My method and ethos is to promote well-being through a creative sequence of asanas, to allow you to build core strength and improve your flexibility. Yoga helps to maintain a constant focus, to calm and relax your mind, to release stress and to sculpt your body. I believe in a safe practice of yoga and in our ability to listen to our own body : no body, no mind is similar; each and every students is unique and should be approached with its strength and weaknesses. All levels welcome, the classes allow each student to progress at their own pace.

Special instructions

Injuries & Conditions: To ensure you enjoy & get the most out of your class 'safely', it's important you advise me prior to class of any previous, current or new injuries & any conditions she should know about. Pregnancy: Please let me know if you are pregnant or think you may be prior to the class. It's important to keep you and baby safe during your pregnancy. If you are new to yoga, ideally it's recommended not to practice at least until after your first trimester. Attendance will be discussed on a case by case basis.