Everything you need to run your yoga & fitness business online

We empower teachers with the tools they need so they can better engage with their community and focus on what they do best: teach.

Keep growing your brand, we'll take care of the rest...

  • Everything in one placeKuula takes care of everything - payments, subscriptions, schedule management, mailing, reminders and notifications

  • Unlock your potentialDiscover new ways to generate revenue, monetizing your expertise through live classes, on-demand videos, courses and 1:1 training

  • Full ownershipYou own your students, content and data. No strings attached, no contracts, no small print

Purpose-built for online health & wellness

Our thoughtfully designed digital studio makes the online class experience simpler, higher quality and more rewarding

Kuula PlayerKuula Studio

Stay in flow

No more microphone mishaps or awkward video spotlights. Our instructor experience keeps you in control (supporting up to 100 simultaneous student connections)

Instructor view
Student view
Grow your community
Kuula features your classes on our community schedule, newsletters and social media. We also work with partners to drive new students to our platform to help your business flourish
On-demand library
Upload, manage and monetise your existing content (from single videos, to full series and courses) as well as automated HD recordings from all your livestreams
In the mixBeta
Say goodbye to playlist sharing and accidental shuffles. Kuula Studio allows you to seamlessly integrate and stream your favourite music directly to the class
Mirror mirror
Students can choose to record their sessions, helping them to review and improve whilst giving instructors an opportunity to provide (and monetise) post-class feedback
Website integration
We want to empower your brand, not own it. Kuula provides widgets and tools to integrate your schedule and content into your own website or member space
Private classes & meet-ups
Schedule 1:1 coaching sessions, private corporate bookings or in-person physical events. Kuula Studio even allows you to invite assistants for in-class corrections and feedback

Try Kuula for free until late Spring 2021

£0 per month + Stripe transaction fees

Free until late Spring? Yup, you heard right! During this introductory offer, we will not charge you anything for the use of the Kuula platform (except the usual Stripe transaction fees)

Questions? We've got answers

  • Why is Kuula free?

    We are free until late Spring 2021 (except the usual stripe transaction fee) because we want you to have time to try out the platform and see how it fits your needs. We will be releasing our pricing plans very soon - you will be the first to know and we will update the website accordingly.

  • Can anyone teach on Kuula?

    As long as you are an accredited teacher, you are welcome to use Kuula to host your classes and build your brand. We will ask you to share your experience when verifying your account.

  • Do you promote teachers on the platform?

    We do our best to help promote our teachers through partnerships, social channels, our newsletter, and through activities like our 30 Day Challenge on YouTube. You don’t need to go at it alone, we’ve got your back.

  • Am I in control of my own pricing?

    Yes! We offer flexible pricing options that you can use - including pay per class, class packs and class subscriptions. We also allow students to make donations (with upper and lower thresholds) as well as free classes.

  • How do I get paid?

    We pay teachers bi-monthly with a detailed report of your recent activity (across both live and pre-recorded content.)

  • Can I integrate with my website?

    You can embed your Kuula schedule and Kuula class pages with your website. We're continuously working on enhancing integration features so that you can continue to develop your own brand identity but without needing to invest in custom technology.

  • Do you support Zoom?

    Yes! Whilst we continue to develop our Kuula Player, Zoom is available as an option when scheduling classes. What's more, you do not need to pay for your own Zoom account - everything is setup and ready to go!

Our teachers love us

Kuula creates a sacred online space through the incredible thoughtfulness that has gone into the style and streamlined experience. Instead of the corporate, business feel I’ve found from other platforms, kuula creates the studio vibe.

Louise De Menthon, Loup Yoga
Louise De Menthon, Loup Yoga

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